Axel Lowe

A 30-year veteran of Atlanta radio, Axel helped define Alternative Rock and a generation at 99X when it launched in 1992. Axel’s rapport with listeners and artists has made him a fixture on Atlanta airwaves for 3 decades. He began his career in the music industry with Arista Records. After working at Arista, Axel transitioned into radio. Axel has been one of the most recognizable and longest lasting voices on Atlanta radio, he also hosted a home improvement show called Southern Home By Design which ran for 3 seasons on Turner South.

Axel is a graduate of the College of Dupage and has a degree in music business management from the Art Institute of Atlanta. He’s a proud family-man with wife Kellye and daughters Ava and Vivian and a dog Georgia. The Lowe’s were homesick when Axel took a 4 year project to revamp a Cumulus station in Cincinnati, they adopted a dog, named her Georgia and wound up back home in 2018. Georgia is now a resident of Georgia. Axel is a fan of spicy food, cold beer bottles, golfing, riding his Harley Davidson and music. The last “like” should go without saying.