Afternoons with Will Pendarvis

Will Pendarvis is your host every weekday afternoon on 99X here in Atlanta and worldwide at

Pendarvis is most-definitely ‘OG’ 99X. You might even say he's pre-99X, because he was playing music from Nirvana, Pearl Jam, The Smiths and Depeche Mode on his earlier radio show On The Edge, which aired at this same point on the dial before that station became 99X. True story.

Pendarvis grew up in a remote bayou on the Gulf Coast in Alabama; but, as a nomad, he’s lived in Memphis, Houston, Washington DC, New York, Los Angeles and now Atlanta (TWICE)!

Fun Facts About Will:

  • His Emmy Award-winning brother Jack Pendarvis wrote most episodes of the legendary animated show Adventure Time, as well as episodes of Steven Universe, Spongebob Squarepants and others. On the other hand, Will won third place in a cookie-eating contest once - he got a trophy and everything!

  • Will’s former roommates include Jeffery Cain (guitarist for Remy Zero and The Church) as well as Michael Patterson (producer for Nine Inch Nails, Biggie Smalls, Beck, J-Lo) and a guy named Dave who never really did much of anything.

  • He recorded a full Rock concept album on a dare under the name Hatebean. He describes the end result as being “creepy and goofy all at once” and “not bad for someone who can’t play music, write lyrics or sing." One review called it “a trippy audio comic book journey." Another called it “…an album."

  • He enjoys long walks on the beach, candle-lit dinners and "just holding hands." Turn-offs: Being stabbed in the knee, eating sand and people who stab people in the knee or make people eat sand.

Will Pendarvis is also an avid pen pal. Send him an email any time!

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