Planet Jill

Jill was part of the original 99X on-air crew from first launch in 1992 through 2008. She's currently On-Air Host during the Evening hours (7p - midnight) and anchors weekends.

“Planet Jill,” her new music and independent act showcase, airs weekdays at 8p as part of her regular show.

Atlanta listeners recognize Jill's voice from back in the day and today because she's never left our local airways. After 99x, her career has included stints as a DJ and traffic reporter at Dave-FM, All News 106.7, news/talk WSB-AM, 97.1 The River, V-103, Star 94 and 92.9 The Game.

Jill's ties to the local music community go back to her days at Georgia State University. She's also been a long-time podcast producer for Creative Loafing and voice artist for scores of local, regional and national advertisers. Adding to her list of accomplishments, Jill teaches English at a local private middle school.

Fact: Jill was working evenings on 99X back when Centennial Olympic Park was bombed during the Summer Olympics in 1996. The pro that she is, Jill stayed on-air to report what she was witnessing at the time. Emerging from her tent there was some shrapnel from the bomb just outside. Which is all to say: Jill is here to stay.