Catch an Atlanta Screening of SWIM TUFF

Ben Tuff found recovery from alcohol and mental illness in 2012. He is a record-holding ultramarathon swimmer who has created the movie “Swim Tuff” with Producer, Matt Corliss. Over ten years ago, Ben gave up the bottle and taught himself to swim. “Swim Tuff” captures Ben’s perseverance and joy in sobriety while looking to destigmatize the idea of addiction and help people learn to follow their dreams. The documentary “Swim Tuff: How I Swam my Way Out of the Bottle” chronicles Ben’s journey and will animate, inform, and inspire each and every person to adopt a growth-mindset to bring about change or take on new challenges to their lives one stroke at a time.

Click HERE to register for free tickets to a screening of  SWIM TUFF: How I Swam My Way Out of the Bottle on June 13th at 7 PM at The Plaza Theatre.