Is The Bear Bringing REM out of Hibernation?

Everyone is talking about The Bear, the award-winning drama on Hulu about a restaurant in Chicago. Season 1 was a surprise hit, and Season 2 dropped in June – and features a number of REM tracks – including multiple iterations of ‘Monster’ album classic ‘Strange Currencies’.

REM frontman Michael Stipe has openly declared himself one of the series’ biggest fans. “The Bear is hands down my favourite show of last year… Having incorporated R.E.M. songs into their universe makes it even sweeter,” he said in a press release. “The best people at any party are always in the kitchen!”

And since the release of The Bear, REM has become more active. Michael Stipe has been popping up more and more on Instagram – and now they’ve curated something really cool for NME. 

R.E.M have put together a playlist of their top 40 songs in their discography. Frontman Michael Stipe, guitarist Peter Buck, bassist Mike Mills and drummer Bill Berry have hand-selected their top 40 songs from their past for a playlist of their personal favorites. 

Check out the playlist below!