Stop Scrolling and Start Getting Paid

Did you realize that most people spend an average of 53 minutes on their phone scrolling through Facebook and Instagram? Well, if you have an iPhone, you could turn that idle time into cash with three free gaming apps. 

The first game is a 21st century spin on the classic solo card game. Just download the free Solitaire Cash app and start playing. Remember how satisfying the old school Windows version was when the cards would cascade across the screen when you won? In Solitaire Cash, every time you win, they pay up to $83 via PayPal or Apple Pay – which is infinitely more satisfying. 

Solitaire not your game? Check out Bingo Tour (another free app!). You’ll compete against other bingo players at your skill level. Sure it’s a game of luck, but if you win, you earn cash – up to $4,000 that cashes out directly to PayPal! 

Looking for a game of skill that also pays out? Check out 21 Cash, where you compete against other players in virtual blackjack. You could earn up to $83 dollars from the free app, and it cashes out directly into your PayPal or Apple Pay.

So next time you’re sitting on the couch mindlessly scrolling, forget Wordle and start getting paid.