Everyone loves pizza. But who has the best pie in the Atlanta area? We want to build a Mount Rushmore for the best four pizza spots in the city?

Based on the audience vote, here are your TOP 4 vote getters in the Pizza Poll:

At #4 – With 6.8% of the vote, a vibrant hub of classic Italian eateries and ambiance, founded in Atlanta’s Westside, offering a taste of Italy’s culinary heritage – it’s Antico Pizza.

At #3 – With 19.3% of the vote, the best pizza south of New York, in Marietta – it’s Capozzi’s NY Pizza.

At #2 – With 24.7% of the vote, another Marietta pizzeria. It’s Carlo’s Pizza.

At #1 – with 27% of the vote, it’s artisanal wood-fired pizza and perfectly charred crusts, crafted by an expert team – it’s The Mule House Wood Fired Pizza in Cartersville!