The 99X Mount Rushmore – Stone Temple Pilots Edition

We want to build a Mount Rushmore for one of the biggest 90s alt bands of all time – Stone Temple Pilots. But what four songs go on the Rushmore? Here are the top 4 based on 99X Listener voting!

Number 4:

With 7% of the vote, from the Purple album. It’s a ballad about being engrossed in a person that you want to be with even after death

Number 3: 

With 11% of the vote, It’s the fourth single from and seventh track on Stone Temple Pilot’s 1992 album Core. According to bassist Robert DeLeo: Musically I was thinking about a song along the lines of Heart of Gold by Neil Young, which is in the key of D-minor, the saddest key of all.

Number 2:

With 18% of the vote, the second single from Stone Temple Pilots‘ third album Tiny Music… Songs from the Vatican Gift Shop. According to Scott Weiland in a radio interview, the song’s lyrics allude to a “very bad experience dropping acid.” In his autobiography “Not Dead and Not For Sale,” he added that the song “reflects my hunger for redemption.”

Number 1: 

With a whopping 40% of the vote, is Track 4 on Purple. The lyrics are about Scott Weiland’s relationship with his wife, Janina Castaeda. Before recording STP’s second album Purple in Atlanta, Weiland promised his wife that he would stay off drugs (at the time he had a heroin addiction). He didn’t keep that promise and in phone calls informed Janina that everything was fine. The song is written from Janina’s point of view and how she saw through Scott’s lies.