This is How Barnes Saved $2200 on Insurance…How Much Will You Save?

Barnes mentions on The Morning X that he saved over $2200 a year on home and auto insurance. This is how he did it… by using “Get in The Ring” which is a 99X advertiser that gets the biggest names in insurance to battle it out for your business. Barnes gave a direct line to get a quick quote from Jim Bethea: 404-386-7885.

“I was actually quite surprised at how easy the whole thing was. I had to provide a few pieces of information, and then I quickly got my quote back. When I saw the savings, I pulled the trigger immediately. Jim Bethea easily changed over both my home and auto insurance for me and it was done. The breakup was easy. I’ve got an extra $2200 in my pocket. I highly recommend, at least, calling Jim to see what he can save you. There’s no cost for any of these transactions.” – Barnes

I found a volunteer to let me video tape the entire process which you can watch below. Wait until you see his savings. It’s a no brainer to give Jim a call today and see how much you can save.